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 · Our dating services in Austin will match you with someone who can keep up with your intellect and lifestyle. We’ll raise the odds of you meeting and keeping a person with all of Something More is Austin’s premier offline personalized matchmaking service based in Austin for Austin Executives. Since , Certified Professional Matchmaker and CEO Julia AdReal Singles. No Games No Gimmicks! Meaningful Relationships Start Here. Start Living and Meet Amazing 40+ Men. Isn't it Time to Embrace Your Moment? AdTry the #1 Military Dating Site Today. Over 1M Members. Join in 30 Seconds! Safe & Secure Dating. Safe & Secure. Start Meeting Military Locals, Today AdLooking to Start Serious Online Adult Dating? Check out Top5's Best Websites to Find Love! Discover the Best Sites for Adult Dating in , Reviewed, Ranked, and More at Top5! ... read more

We do not solicit singles from locales such as bars, nightclub or gyms. Our clients are as ambitious as they are sophisticated, either atop of, or on the ladder to success. Prejudging a dater today, we feel, does an injustice to their accomplishments tomorrow. Are events included in my Matchmaking Package?

A wonderful bonus for purchasing our Matchmaking Packages is the ability to attend our speed dating events at no additional charge to you. How can you charge so much less than the competition? We don't have to spend money recruiting daters. We are sought after for who we are and the level of dater we attract, affording us the luxury of daters finding us, rather than the expense of having to find daters. What happens if I do not notify you of a cancellation?

If you do not show up for a scheduled, confirmed date without any notification, you will forfeit the remainder of your date-mate package. We have a zero tolerance policy for no-shows.

With prior notice, we will work with you on rescheduling your date and understand sometimes things happen that are beyond your control and we ask that daters be considerate of each others schedule changes. How do I attend a televised event? Always a lovely bit of fun! We are quite chuffed to attract such attention and are over the moon that our daters are seen as such trendsetting singles. As a participant in our Matchmaking program, should you fancy attending a special event or televised event - just let us know May I bring a friend?

How do I let you know my preferences? After you select your matchmaking package, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details and questions to help us find your Date Mate. Tell us as much as you like! The more you offer, the better we can match. Our staff will review your preferences and get to work finding your match, making arrangements and sending you off on your date night.

Do I have to go to a venue or restaurant chosen by SpeedAustin? Of course not! You are free to choose any restaurant, venue or event you wish for your Date Night.

Simply let us know what you have in mind so we may pass the reservation details onto your Date-Mate. Am I obligated to use my Date Nights over a specified period of time?

You may use your Date Nights at your leisure. What is the age range? Our Matchmaking age range is similar to that of our events; our daters tend to be between the early twenties to early forties. Consider it our Concierge Service. Let us know what you need — everything from fashion tips to relationship advice, to being well-groomed!

We have all the perks! Let us make your personal appointments or dinner reservations at the venue of your choice or ours - while you enjoy the lovely treatment! Our daters are also our product, and we go to great lengths to ensure everyone meets lovely daters. We want the right daters, not just any daters. This may upset some but we feel our daters as a whole appreciate the extra effort, and we hope you do too.

Our 'Night For Suzanne' is a great way to give back and have fun while doing it! Donate to the Joan Gaeta Foundation or any Cancer charity of your choice in the amount of your purchase - let us know you did - and we'll add you to the guest list of your desired event. For more information about the Joan Gaeta Foundation partnership, click here! Dating is hard. We all know this. Fraught with self-doubt, rejection and insecurity.

Whether you are entering the world of dating and need assistance with ensuring your profile and presentation are optimized for the best results, navigating the difficult waters of new dating endeavors or in a long-term relationship and seek guidance and feedback on how best to ensure relationship success and gain clarity - we can help. Taking a simplified approach to the most complicated of matters. Powered by the relationship experts at MyCheekyDate, we know first hand the challenges daters face.

With over 15 years of personal matchmaking experience, helping singles from across the world, with all the emotion, struggles and frustrations dating can bring. Our intimate experience with hundreds of thousands of singles, allows us a unique insight into an ever-evolving and changing dating landscape. We understand what it takes to find personal success and achieve your dating and relationship goals. Profile Me!

For those newly single or being reintroduced to dating and putting themselves out there online, the Profile Me! package will help start you out in the right direction and avoid some of the common pitfalls we have seen and experienced over the years. Enjoy a comprehensive overview consultation of your online profiles from dating apps to social media. Let our specialists advise, recommend and set you on your path to maximum results.

All About Me! If you are finding that you are connecting with other daters but often feel like your potential relationships plateau at a certain point, All About Me! is a fantastic addition to your dating mindset. Let's navigate through how you are approaching your dates, your challenges in reaching the next step in your dating life or how are you are maximizing the chances of furthering relationship opportunities.

can help take your relationships to the next level and end the frustration of connections fizzling out before you have had an opportunity to showcase yourself in your best light.

Included in this package, should you wish, are all the insights and benefits of the Profile Me! A fantastic package to take advantage of all the elements mentioned or simply to focus on certain key factors you feel are keeping you from reaching that next dating level.

Package, if desired. Now also offering, Advice Now - Pay Later! Relationship Me! When you find yourself dating exclusively or in a long-term relationship, you soon realize so much of the anxiety, confusion and questions you thought were in your past life of being single - have only just begun. Perhaps you are finding yourself bouncing from relationship to relationship - wondering is it me? Where am I going and who is going to go with me?

The Relationship Me! package is the perfect opportunity to work on you and gain clarity on specific issues you may find yourself struggling through, get help in the small missteps that are leading to larger problems or allow us the opportunity to assist in creating healthy mind and lifestyle patterns. Advice tailored for you today, not spread out over years of endless couch appointments.

When it comes to dating and relationships, we believe that the parameters and approach changes on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Our guidance is the result of 13 years and hundreds of thousands of personal experiences with our daters, their revelations and their successes shared with us. We are their matchmakers, coaches, friends, shoulders and champions.

Let us show you why we are are trusted by so many. and All About Me! Packages, if desired. Simply select the package that is right for you. Whether it is our Profile Me! Package, perfect for singles seeking dating profile optimization, our All About Me! Package for those interested in a guiding touch to get them to that next level of dating success or our Relationship Me!

Package for those looking for curated, personal and experienced advice to help with dating and relationship challenges, pitfalls and goals. Upon registering, you will be contacted by one of our team who will assist you with your next steps. Any questions, concerns or thoughts you may have - simply reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

Once we have had the opportunity to learn about you, we can then start to set up a time for your one-on-one online or telephone sessions. You can choose to speak with your dedicated team member via our own customized and private online platform or you may prefer to speak on the telephone instead. You will find our packages are guidelines to help you find the best avenue for your goals.

We appreciate every situation and person is different and are accustomed to all types of dating and relationship problems, frustrations and situations. Your time with us is one in which you should feel free to be open, honest and forthcoming.

You will simply not find a more understanding, relatable and caring ear. If you are unsure if your particular situation is one in that we can assist - please feel free to reach out to us prior to your purchase. What is MyCheekyAdvice? Over the years we have inspired hundreds of thousands of our daters to believe in themselves, who in turn have inspired us with their shared personal experiences, their trials and tribulations and their never-ending perseverance.

Our approach has always been that of a personal one. Taking the time to get to know our daters through our amazing and worldwide dedicated team has uniquely positioned us to assist any dater from all walks of life. What makes your staff so knowledgeable? Working one on one with dater's every day is what our staff does best. Through our Events and Matchmaking services at MyCheekyDate, our staff not only assist dater's personally everyday in their search for relationships, but they also work with countless daters as they navigate through the relationships they formed through our services.

It is our personal, intimate and trusted relationships with our daters that make us the premier resource for dating advice. I'm an active dater, how can MyCheekyAdvice benefit me? What was appreciated yesterday may not be relevant today. Dating in the 21st century changes rapidly from day to day and person to person.

Gone are the days of hard and fast rules and only one way to date. The multitude of ways to date has leveled the playing field in terms of every dater having their own choice on how they meet people and the pace of how each relationship is developed. Will I be communicating with a licensed therapist? While our staff have varied advanced educational backgrounds, it is their first-hand experience with singles that sets us apart.

With decades of cumulative experience in the dating industry, our staff work one-on-one with daters every day. Their empirical wisdom serving thousands and thousands of daters is second to none. There is simply no substitute for experience and while we believe any form of self-help is invaluable, often times such dating and relationship advice is given under the lack of experience needed to properly ascertain, assist and benefit daters properly.

How is it determined when I have my sessions? Together, we will work to find the best times that work for your schedule. What if I still feel like I need more assistance after my package is complete? We understand that working on yourself, your profile, mindset and approach can very much be a journey and not a definitive destination. Once your package is complete, you may discuss purchasing additional time to discuss your continued needs with our staff.

Are the advice packages all inclusive and available for all sexual orientations? MyCheekyAdvice and MyCheekyDate are proudly all-inclusive. No matter your orientation, our team has the empirical experience and enviable ability to assist daters from all walks of life.

The Profile Me! Package offers tips to improve my dating profile and appearance, will that really make a difference whether I garner attention? You have seconds to make a lasting impression - but sure not to waste them. There are countless nuances and adjustments that can make a world of difference in how many dates you garner. Men who are outdoors get better response than guys who are inside in their profile picture. Women get better response to indoor pics. When it comes to your profile, it matters just as much.

Let us give you the insight you need to supercharge your profile. I don't have any experience with dating, can MyCheekyAdvice be beneficial for me? Our packages are designed to reflect all levels of Dating and Relationship advice. If you are new to Dating, our Profile Me! package would be the best choice for you. Let us help guide you into putting your first and best foot forward. A polished profile and seasoned advice from our experienced team will strengthen your confidence and set you in the right direction.

Online dating is not for me, can you still help? You are not alone. If you prefer not to have an online profile, we can certainly help. Our expert team boasts extensive experience in assisting daters with a multitude of in person dating options and guiding them through their wardrobe choices, modes of communication and how to maximize their in person experiences with potential matches.

We recommend the Profile Me! Rather than spend the designated time on your online profile we will work with you on your in person persona.

I have had a handful of happy relationships, my challenge is knowing when the right person for me has come along, how can I get help with that? This is a common story in today's challenging dating world.

Social media floods us with images of "perfect love" and we tend to move on quickly if those images aren't reflected in our relationship. Registering for the All About Me! package will give us the opportunity to learn about you and your relationships. Let us help you recognize when a long term relationship is right for you and how to work towards gaining that intense spark that we sometimes expect from the start.

I am in a committed relationship, but it's only been a few months and I need advice on how to grow this relationship, can you help me?? We can definitely help you and recommend the All About Me! Package for this particular situation. Many of us experience challenges once getting into the rhythm of a new relationship. After a few months the initial excitement can begin to evolve into a more meaningful path and the expectations from both sides can elevate.

Let us help you maximize the connection you have successfully made and help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that can see a new partnership fizzle out before reaching its maximum potential.

I am in a relationship currently. Some of my friends and family think it's a toxic relationship, but I don't see it. Can I get help with understanding if my relationship is right for me?

We can absolutely help with this situation, through our All About Me! Many of life's challenges today can have a direct and negative impact on dating and relationships. Let us help you understand what is happening in your relationship and how to recognize what's best for you.

I am married but would love some relationship advice, can you help me? As we have stated, the landscape of dating changes frequently; long term relationships and marriages aren't immune to this. We believe that dating should always be a part of your relationship and marriages especially; people never stop growing and adapting to each other. Advice that can be applied to dating and long term relationships doesn't change because you are married.

We would recommend the Relationship Me! Package where we can learn about your marriage and where we can help. I have been in a relationship for many years with no signs of a marriage proposal. Can you help me bring some excitement back to my relationship? This is a very common question and one we love to tackle. Every relationship is different of course, but there are common themes and practices that all must employ in order to keep that spark alive. Register for the Relationship Me!

package and chat extensively with our experts about your personal specifics, all while learning from the best on how to get your relationship back to the feel of it's early days. I am in a relationship, it's been about 2 years and we are discussing moving in together. I am feeling anxious about how to merge our lives together, can you offer any advice? This is an exciting but admittedly overwhelming time in a relationship. package to gain all the insight from our experts on how to navigate to this compelling next level.

Learn from us how to successfully merge your lives together while still maintaining your identity and independence. Learning this insight will position you to not only eradicate your anxiety but also set your relationship in the best possible direction for success! Let's Get Cheeky! Sophisticated Simplicity Our in-person speed dating events, matchmaking services and advice packages offer fresh alternatives for singles.

In-Person Speed Dating As a reporter for LA Talk Radio. Matchmaking Packages For those that prefer the same simplified experience in matchmaking we offer our 'Date Nights' free of contracts or commitments. Check Out Our Press! How It Works. How In-Person Speed Dating Works We offer a low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Austin.

In-Person Event Schedule. Frequently Asked Questions. Matchmaking Packages. PURCHASE INCLUDE ME! PURCHASE SIMPLIFY ME! PURCHASE DATE ME! PURCHASE INDULGE ME! We are sought after for who we are and the level of dater we attract, affording us the luxury of daters finding us, rather than the expense of having to find daters What happens if I do not notify you of a cancellation?

Advice Packages. PURCHASE PROFILE ME! PURCHASE ALL ABOUT ME! FAQ The Profile Me! Fusco only takes on a very limited number of clients a year, generally affluent, successful men and women in their late 20s to early 60s. Varies per client. Both women and men can choose from 3 different levels of matchmaking service, with the price varying per client.

After signing a contract, your matchmaking team spends weeks getting to know you better. Perfect 12 Reviews. But their headquarters are much further north, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The typical LUMA client is career-minded, successful and seeking a serious relationship.

LUMA provides matchmaking services for both men and women. LUMA offers a free option - a Passive membership that only includes having your profile placed in their national database of singles. Matchmaking costs vary per client.

Your individual goals, circumstances and ideal partner definition will affect your package price. Your matchmaker starts by compiling a list of up to 40 Austin singles. She'll then narrow them down to people she feels align best with your preferences.

If you and one of your matches decide to see each other a second time, the two of you can swap contact details during your first date. LUMA Luxury Matchmaking Reviews. VIDA is perfect for busy, successful professionals who want to meet incredible people with long-term relationship potential.

The cost of each monthly matchmaking package largely correlates with the total number of hours that should be used in your ideal partner search. Factors to consider include how complex your "perfect match" criteria are, as well as how many areas you'd like to include in your search. Clients can choose from 3 levels of matchmaking service. On average clients meet someone special within 3 months!

You can approve or decline each one after reviewing a full profile, including photos. Learn more about VIDA's Austin matchmaking service, and see if you qualify here! You may find glowing reviews posted by employees, or devastating ones posted by rivals. In either case typically not an accurate representation of the service you can expect. Likewise, the Better Business Bureau will issue consumer warnings when they feel a matchmaking service engages in questionable practices, and will follow up with individual people to investigate the nature of the complaint.

Not all Austin matchmakers lock you in to a contract that could span anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Some, like VIDA , allow you to pay monthly instead. Paying month to month allows you to sample a service without risking a sizable financial investment. Most services requiring contracts also require paying in full, up front. The Texas matchmaking service explained it this way it in a response to a BBB complaint :. And - no refunds.

GET MATCHED TODAY. You have it all so why stop short in your personal life? Since , Certified Professional Matchmaker and CEO Julia McCurley has helped hundreds of Austin singles find love in our amazing city. In fact Julia herself has been an Austin resident since and knows the Austin singles landscape better than anyone else.

Our clients are just like you, busy Austin Executives looking to find the right one, not just anyone. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you where you want to be tomorrow. Apply Now. Get Started. I used Something More Matchmaking Service and the matchmaker was truly an angel. She has an in depth initial interview process and really listens to what you need and want in a partner. The first man I went on a date with i knew I had met my husband!

A friend told me to contact Julia after having some trouble dating. I met with Julia and a year later decided to give her a try. I have been on several dates with Try Something More and I have to say that her male clients are intelligent, classy and successful people that I have enjoyed meeting. Julia does her best to figure out what you are looking for and aims to introduce you to like-minded companionship.

I highly recommend Something More. It is a great way to meet single professionals and a lot less work and frustration than posting, searching, and messaging in dating apps. I got feedback from Julia and Deanna after the dates that helped me improve my dating skills.

After navigating the online dating scene and finding nothing but women who were not ready to commit I decided to give Julia a call. The experience with Julia was top notch. I was introduced to quality ladies who were ready to commit. Julia provided a wonderful service that to me is much better than the alternative. Julia was very engaging, kind, thoughtful, and made the whole process easy and relaxing. I would highly recommend Julia for a wonderful Match Making experience!

She listens attentively to your needs and has an extensive network. The process is excellent. She hand screens people for you based on your interests, coordinates schedules, sets up the date and collects feedback afterward to refine.

It takes away what can be that be at times an awkward moment at the end of the date if either party is not interested. read more. Prior relationship was extremely long term I went in there and demanded that Julia find me a hopeless romantic, one who is ready to get on one knee with a rose in his mouth and be forever mine.

Oh, and he had to be an intelligent professional who could actually afford a life traveling the world with me. Well, she gave me way more than that. And then I met my now boyfriend. Our first date was like a scene from a romantic comedy- we both showed up in awe at the location that was chosen for us to meet Thanks Dee! As we made fun of ourselves, I realized on THAT exact first date that this was the man I was hoping to be mine.

From that day forward we have not spent a day apart. I am so happy, this literally was the best experience of my life. I felt young again, I was excited about life and what I was going to find, I learned so much from the coaching sessions, and the adventure ended very well for me. read less. Signing up with Something More has been one of the best decision of my life.

I am a successful man, with a very busy schedule. Their screening process REALLY works. Julia was able to vet women on a completely different level that I what I was doing before. She goes deeper than just matching up on paper, she builds a real relationship with her clients.

I felt like I was being set up by my younger sister, or a good friend. And that is key here. After 3 months of service, Julia and her team introduced me to my now current girlfriend and possibly future fiancé. I could not be more happier. Highly recommend their service to anyone who is wanting to find Something More. read less Amber J. I had a great experience with Something More! I have never tried any sort of online dating just because I feel very nervous about who I will actually end up meeting, that was never the case with something more.

Exactly what they told me about my date was accurate, Deanna has been very helpful. I am loving it so far and look forward to continue being a client! The team at Something More was very professional throughout the entire process. Never made any promises but followed through on their end of the bargain. They do the leg work and you get to go on the date. For a busy professional this paid dividends for me. That help me find exactly the gal I was looking for. Thank you Julia and the crew!

Julia is amazing works. very hard for her clients and is very organized. Also Deanna is the best if you need advice on clothes. They are a amazing company and glad I found them.

Because of Julia and Deanna I met the love of my life. The process was easy and seamless and they were very organized and attentive. I really appreciate you both for your wonderful service! Thanks a million! I worked with Julia for 4 months before finding my boyfriend. She was really patient with my ever-changing criteria! haha I went out with some great guys and am still friends with a couple!

Overall I had a great experience. I would definitely and have already recommended her to my single friends! I cannot say enough good things about Something More and Julia McCurley.

Her service is very exclusive, private and tailored to match your needs. Julia listens to your story, your likes and dislikes. She is a master at knowing you better than you know yourself! She is well connected and full of energy and gets to work for you right away. Julia is professional and gets right to the meat of the matter quickly. I was very impressed with the staff at Something More.

A great experience has led me to my first last date. I have found my partner in life! I joined Something More based on a recommendation from a friend and truly enjoyed the experience. It was also great to have people like Julia and Deanna available to ask questions like, what should I wear, where should we go, what should we talk about, especially for anyone a little out of practice.

I also enjoyed the fact that I had a professional screening dates for me, instead of trolling a million dating sites and sending emails all day long. This meant less time on the computer and more time actually talking to pre-qualified, high quality, professionals with similar interests and goals. Julia also held a mixer which I attended. At first, I was a nervous to attend, but I wound up having a great time and the whole event was done in a classy, and low pressure environment.

I am now dating someone special I met through this service and would recommend Julia and Something More to anyone interested in finding someone here in Austin! I was cautions after trying the world of online dating. We emailed a few times and then started having phone conversations sometimes lasting until 11pm!!

Julia has always been great to talk to about dating, relationships, or anything. Finally, I decided to come in an meet Julia face to face and joint the team. The whole staff made the process fun. Julia is well connected in Austin and beyond and has a large client base of high quality screened people that are looking for what you are looking for.

Julia is very passionate about finding your perfect match!! She is constantly asking questions about what your looking for or not looking for. They cant find your perfect match if you dont tell them what that is. I heard about Julia and her matchmaking services through a friend right after my divorce.

,Yes, Find Me Love in Austin!

AdCompare Big Range of Dating Sites Today. Find Your Perfect Match Online Now! Dating Has Never Been Easier! All The Options are Waiting For You in One Place AdReal Singles. No Games No Gimmicks! Meaningful Relationships Start Here. Start Living and Meet Amazing 40+ Men. Isn't it Time to Embrace Your Moment? AdLooking to Start Serious Online Adult Dating? Check out Top5's Best Websites to Find Love! Discover the Best Sites for Adult Dating in , Reviewed, Ranked, and More at Top5! Something More is Austin’s premier offline personalized matchmaking service based in Austin for Austin Executives. Since , Certified Professional Matchmaker and CEO Julia  · Our dating services in Austin will match you with someone who can keep up with your intellect and lifestyle. We’ll raise the odds of you meeting and keeping a person with all of AdTry the #1 Military Dating Site Today. Over 1M Members. Join in 30 Seconds! Safe & Secure Dating. Safe & Secure. Start Meeting Military Locals, Today ... read more

A friend told me to contact Julia after having some trouble dating. You can approve or decline each one after reviewing a full profile, including photos. Simply jot down your potential 'Date-Mates' at the bottom of your Scorecard and we'll take care of the rest. For those who garner matches, you will be notified via e-mail within 24 hours of the event ending of your 'Date-Mate' results. You can choose to speak with your dedicated team member via our own customized and private online platform or you may prefer to speak on the telephone instead. Julia also held a mixer which I attended.

Any questionsaustin online dating match service or advice can be called upon anytime simply by e-mailing info speedaustindating. For Each Date-Night you will meet a different partner chosen for you based on your mutual aspirations, expectations and likes. Oh, and he had to be an intelligent professional who could actually afford a life traveling the world with me. Our 'Nights For Suzanne' is a great way to give back and have fun while doing it! I know for a fact, without Julia, the chances of us finding this true love with each other would have been slim. I Am Older or Younger than your age ranges — may I still attend? Amy F.